I’m Hannah Cao, a barista by day and a writer by night.

My poetry collection SEASHORE came out in 2020 and my debut contemporary novel CAFE AT 46 OLD STREET was published in 2021. I’m currently working on another collection of poetry and short stories, as well as drafting a fictional memoir.

It’s safe to say that writing and drinking coffee is mostly what I do.

I live a little life in vast ordinaries. I spend my hours and weeks moving spiritually and physically in between the places I call home for different reasons, and between the Past, the Future, the Now.

HOURS & WEEKS is a newsletter curated by me as a collection of writings, poems, photographs, book news & things I fell in love with.

You can find me here:

Instagram: @capuletsbirdie

Twitter: @capuletsbirdie

Website: hannahcao.co.uk

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